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Pricing Guide

At Culture Scapes, we are dedicated to crafting a custom HR solution that perfectly aligns with your business and company culture, while effectively addressing your specific needs. Our monthly subscription model allows you to pay a fixed fee and utilize the allocated hours to meet your needs. Whether we are establishing an ongoing program, or promptly triaging unexpected issues, you have full control over your monthly hours. Our memberships entail a 6-month commitment and offer the choice of upfront payment for the entire contract or monthly payment options.

1 Business Day
Per Month
2 Business Days
Per Month
3 Business Days
Per Month

What can I use my monthly hours for? 

Use them how you need them

Whether you have a recurring monthly need, or you need to address something unexpectedly, your hours are there for you to allocate according to your needs. We will partner with you to help you prioritize if you need it! 

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