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Culture Scapes Evaluator Scale

As a business grows, it may be hard to know if or when to engage HR services. At Culture Scapes, we have designed an evaluator to help you determine not only the “if”, but the “what”. Using a 1-5 scale, rate your business in the categories below:

  1. Performance - My employees know and understand their job descriptions. They consistently execute with excellence at least 90% of the time.

  2. Engagement - I am able to keep the great talent I have. My employees enjoy the work environment and take part in contributing positively to our culture.

  3. Organizational Dev - I have the right amount of employees for the needs of the business. There is clear delineation between what each person is supposed to do, with little to no redundancy. My people are in “the right seat” on the bus. I have the right ratio of leaders to individual contributors.

  4. Ongoing Learning - I find ways to up-skill my employees each year to keep their skills sharp. Managers engage in training to become better leaders. High performers are given training to prepare them for the next step.

  5. Succession Planning - I have a plan for good performers to move to the next level of their position. If any employee exits the organization, I have a contingency plan to mitigate gaps in business. I consider my contingency plan to be good.

  6. Compensation - I know what my competitors are paying their employees with comparable jobs. I have a confident understanding of the laws that govern pay in my area. I have appropriate pay scales outlined for each job title.

Although there is almost always room to improve everywhere, we recommend you focus on your “lower” scores first. At Culture Scapes, we will customize a People Plan to target your specific areas and continuously work on areas of opportunity. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to get started!

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